Antique Knitting Patterns

Hello…I’ve just started my website, called The Knitting Bag. It’s linked in my signature. :slight_smile: I have up 9 patterns for sale right now and I have a TON of new patterns coming soon! Hope you like them. :slight_smile:

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not to be a downer, but how is it you are able to sell these patterns? I’m assuming you are not the creator, and retyping them doesn’t make them yours. Have you gotten permission from the copyright owner to resell these?

Anything over a certain number of years (I am not sure how many, but I think 20 or 25 but maybe much less) OR anything WIHOUT EVER HAVING A COPYRIGHT NUMBER ASSIGEND TO IT…is open for free trade…
So, unless you can prove she is selling copyrighted material…you might want to think about needing to not interfere with 'fair trade" What this great country was founded upon!

Sincerely~! a free trade enthusiast!

if you’d really want to get knitpicking about patterns, isn’t a picture a pattern? Need to copyright those also!

Yes. After so many years they become public domain. :slight_smile:

As i would, if I had created the work… any particular picture in mind, let’s see if it’s copyrighted…

Thanks Brokenblossoms… now at least i know i can share my ‘old’ stuff around as well :muah:

Copyright Duration

Thanks Brendajos, that’s really helpful… I guess though, that a lot of these older patterns could have had their copyrights renewed. I mean, if published books remain the property of the estate after the death of the author, are books not subject to copyright law, or are they just renewed alot? Always seems touchy ground to me, and I guess I just can’t feel comfortable myself, profiting off someone elses effort :shrug:

If you’re selling the books themselves then there’s no copyright infringement… if you’re copying the patterns and selling them… yeah then you’re getting into a dodgy area.

That’s a good set up for a publishing company getting snarky about it… not something I’d do. I’ve got a bunch of vintage crochet and knitting patterns, but they are going to be sold book by book, not recopied and sold.

Hmm but a lot of people make PDF copies and sell them on eBay. :frowning: :shrug: