Anti-slip stuff for felted slippers

What do you recommend???

well there are a couple of options that come to mind. Fibertrends makes a suede sole that you can use and you could probably just pick any suede material and make them yourself. a lot of people also decorate the bottom with puff paint designs and use that for nonslippage!

On the fibertrends child’s clog pattern, they say to use a flexible fabric glue on the bottoms. I tried it, but didn’t really notice a huge difference. Maybe if I’d done more than one coat. I’ve also used the suede soles- very nice, but it adds considerable cost ($13.99) to the price of the clogs. Plus, they only come in two colors- tan and gray.

I just read some posts on a yahoo knitting group about using leather from small jackets and large purses (like from goodwill) to make a sole for the clogs. They were cutting the sole out and drilling the holes. I just brought some flexible fiber glue to try but havn’t used it yet. That same thread also mentioned that they did not have much luck with the glue tho.

They sell bags of small leather peices at most craft stores. Rather than having the whole bottom of suede or leather you could just cut learge circles out of those pices…one for the heel and one for the ball of the foot. When I finally get around to my next FT clog…that is the plan.

KnitPicks sells the Fibertrends “slipper soles” that are two pieces - one for ball and one for heel - for $8. Small is child, med is women’s, large is men’s. I just ordered a child’s; I’ll post about how they are when they get here.

I have heard some people use the stick-ons for the inside of the bathtub. some come is different shapes, too.