Anti-Midas touch

Grrrrr… grrrrr… grrrrr…

I have so many blessings in my life, that I have to stop and breathe and remember that other people would love to have “problems” like these, but still!

On my last day in Seoul, my digital camera decided to stop taking pictures. It displays old pictures, but won’t take new ones. My DH had his camera, and I didn’t really need to take pictures of anything in those last days before I flew off, but I’m so mad that it won’t be working for the holidays now, because even if tomorrow I call and they say they can fix it, it still needs time to get there, be fixed and come back. Blargh. Back to film for awhile for me.

And now, the portable DVD player I bought for the trip won’t play anymore. It doesn’t work without the battery normally, even if plugged in, but now it has the charge light and the full light blinking at me and struggles to load DVDs, then Ppfffft! nothing. Guess I shouldn’t have let my son use it when he woke my jetlagged butt up at 3am…

I think I’m not allowed to touch anything electronic for the next little bit. I accidentally hit a button on my DHs camera and the screen wouldn’t show up, but I figured out what I pressed and fixed it. Whew! But the same fix didn’t work on my camera, even though they are made by the same company, different models.

Now stop and play the glad game. I am not sick, neither is my son, even though we were on multiple germy airplanes. I had the financial werewithal to purchase these items to begin with. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, clean water to drink and bathrooms to clean. My family will be with me for the holidays (or does that go on my list of woes? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I just got to see my DH unlike many other spouses in our unit who won’t see them till they re-deploy. How can I be so ungrateful?

I even managed to get real Xmas tree, neither artificial nor living, cut down shorter than me so I could actually manage to carry it by myself (two year old not interested in helping mommy carry trees).

So stop whining, and get yourself to bed or you’ll never get back from Korean time.

Thanks for letting me rant!


I can’t stand when my stuff doesn’t work. Try doing a google search on your electronic gear and the specific problem. You might be surprised at what you find!

Glad you got to see your hubby!

Like you said…focus on the positive. The other things you listed won’t matter in the long-haul.


Technology is great…

when it works.

HAHA - Boy have I been there done that with the “everything I touch goes to mush”. I went through a period when my hubby and I were just new to dating where he let me ride his motocycle and I laid it down (luckily I was parking it so both the bike and I just got bruises), I took his dog for a run and we missed a jump we thought we could make and ended up bruised (poor dog actually had to take aspirin for a few days), went to make dinner (I am really a good cook) and the meat I had was bad, but I didn’t realize that until it got hot and the kitchen smelled awful and it was too late to head out so we had pasta salad and dessert. It literally got to a point where he would jokingly tell me to sit on hands on the middle cusion of the couch and not move :aww:

I thought this was a post about how Midas screwed you over on your car or something!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Feel free to vent, and so what if it’s not life-threatening things that are making you upset. The fact is, it [I]is [/I]making you upset and you are entitled to your feelings. Vent away my dear!

I’m the same way when things go wrong and I stop and think, hey, it’s not the end of the world, but you know what, right now it’s making me upset so I just let the emotions do what they need to and then go about my life.

I have plenty of medical issues (non-life threatening) but they affect me everyday and I get upset about them because it seems like it’s one thing after another and I get overwhelmed, it happens, don’t feel bad for feeling how you feel. You’re human.

I hope your electronics get better soon. :wink: