Anti-highjacking Arielluria's Rainy Day Sock Post

Instead of highjacking Arielluria’s Rainy Day Sock post, I thought I would start a new thread.

I fell head over heals in love with her Rainy Day Socks (see her post for details) and wondered if anyone knew of a cotton sock yarn? Those socks are a perfect spring style to wear with a cute pair of MaryJane’s or something. I thought they deserved a spring-weight yarn as well.

Any ideas? Anybody?

Bmw Gs Parallel-Twin

I dunno… but they are a lovely pattern. :heart: I know they have talked alot aobut how socks have to have a natural fiber to wick away the moisture. alot of them have some kind of wool or animal fiber to keep the feet dry. :hug:

Cascade Fixation is cotton, with something like 3% elastic. It may be a tad on the heavy side for sock weight, though…you might want to check.

If it were me I’d make them in exactly the same yarn called for. I would just not wear them when I’m going to be running around in the heat. The look beautiful :slight_smile:

I couldn’t put something that beautiful on my feet!!! I’d have to frame them or pin them to my head or hang them on a string around my neck or or or I don’t know but not on my FEET :sun:

The problem with cotton for this pattern in particular is that I don’t think the socks will stay up. I may be wrong. But if you used a yarn with some elastic in it, it may work. I just wouldn’t try it with 100% cotton.

try their cotton mix and cotton stretch …very nice …i used them before

Ya’ know, I was thinking the same thing! That’s why I asked. I was a little nervous to just dive in. Sounds like there is a possiblity of finding a cotton with just enough elastic in it to hold up the socks. I’m gonna follow some of the links and see if I can find something. If not, I’ll follow another person’s advice, and make them in the yarn suggested.

Thanks, everyone, for all your help!


Silly! :eyes: I wouldn’t have minded, at least it would have kept it up in the list and maybe we could find SOMEONE who had made it already!

I use this yarn for my socks, but I’m not sure wether it’s available in the US

[color=indigo]I have one finished and the other started. I’m using Cascade Fixation a varigated and they are very cute. I only make anklets though. I’ll post a picture once I get the other finished.[/color]