Anthropologie inspired capelet

I have finished the body of the capelet. I just have to put ribbing on the sleeves and seam them up.

Oh, here’s the pattern before I go any further:


How am I supposed to get a needle around those cap sleeves so I can do ribbing and seam them up underneath?
A REALLY small circular? Double-pointed?
Help! I really want to wear this…

Usually I PU the sts on dpns and finish the sleeves that way… but this past time I used the Magic Loop and liked it a lot… :happydance:

I was afraid someone was going to say that… magic loop. Someone had suggested that on the crafster KAL that I was scrolling through last night. So, I watched Amy’s video. Maybe it was because it was after midnight, but I didn’t get it. I could just wear it with the live stitches threaded through the scrap yarn. Yeah, yeah, I’l start a new trend… :roflhard:

I’ll watch the video again. I think that I just couldn’t imagine doing that with the sleeves.

Magic loop isn’t that hard, or you could half a loop. After you’ve picked them up, push your stitches toward the left needle, leaving the right one free to loop around, making just one loop instead of two.

I’ll watch the magic loop video again, but I don’t get it. I get what she’s doing on the video. I’m just having trouble visualizing how to do it with the sleeves. I think my circular needle is too long.

I didn’t get magic loop either.

I made my DH watch the video and he explained it to me. LYS owners are good for that sort of thing as well.

It’s another one of those things that looks and sounds much harder than it really is.

yeah, were are driving to Houston today to visit the in-laws. I’ve already made of list of their local lys and their addresses.