Anthropologie inspired capelet

Hi Everyone,

I’m planning on knitting this pattern for my sister for her birthday. I noticed several of you have already made it! My question is, since the Rowan Polar yarn has been discontinued, has anyone used another brand of yarn for the project and liked the outcome? I’m very open to suggestions! Any information on brands that worked well and amount of yarn it took would be appreciated.


Oops, here’s the link to the pattern:

I have used:

Patons SWS and also Jiffy. Both were great, but completely different looks. If you do a search for the “anthropologie inspired capelet” you’ll find lots of different ones in different yarns.

also check craftster’s KAL for same. I LOooooove this pattern. made it 3 times. twice for me: (berroco foliage wool/ acrylic; patagonia hand dyed cotton) and once for the kid (debbie bliss cashmerino aran). they all look totally different. and the closure you pick (button, pin, clasp) can change the character too. good luck!

I’ve made it with Red Heart Bijou (despite being Red Heart, it’s actually rather nice); I think it took 2 and a smidge balls.

I’ve also used Patons SWS, though I don’t remember how many skeins I used there – possibly 2 again?

Thanks everyone! Great suggestions. I’ll post pictures when I’m done working on it…

I made toddler versions in Lionbrand Woolease and Jiffy. I think that you will be able to adapt any yarn that you would like to this pattern very easily…it’s a fun knit, too.

what weight yarn is supposed to be used? :??

I knit mine using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. When I knit a gauge swatch it was pretty close to the correct gauge. You can view it and read the details at this link

You’ll love this pattern! Good luck with whatever you choose!

I made mine from SWS. Just be sure to do a gauge swatch, and you’ll be fine.

A few people made it with Caron Simply Soft doubled, and other thinner yarns doubled. The original is with a bulky yarn, madametj.


I’m in the middle of making one with Bernet (sp) Softee Chunky. It’s turning out pretty good but lacks the fuzzyness of the original. I like it with the less-fuzzy yarn better. I used around 3 balls of yarn for a long sleeved version.