Anthropologie-inspired Capelet

I used Paton’s SWS in Natural Plum. I was inspired by Candice’s Capelet. This is my first knitted garment that has really turned out!!! I am so pleased. I think I’m going to knit another one with Debbie Bliss Casjmerino Aran, what do you think?

It’s WONDERFUL :cheering: It looks great on you, WTG :cheering: :cheering:

Gorgeous! I think the capelet fever is going around here! LOL

beautiful!!! (i’ve been bitten with the capelet bug as well) :wink:

The bug is gnawing on me…

I love those colors on you! Great job!

Very nice! I saw that natural plum in the store and thought it was so cool. I’m almost done with my SWS Candice capelet too. :teehee:

Oh its so gorgeous!!!
I bet you are so proud of it.

I think I have capelet fever :inlove: It looks so nice on you.
Will someone pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell me where the pattern is pretty please.

Thanks in advance.

:hug: Sharon

Fantastic job! It looks great on you!

Fantastic! :slight_smile: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

It looks fabulous on you! Great job…I :heart: the colors, too!

Thanks everyone for all your compliments. It was such a fun knit, can’t wait to knit another one with different yarn. :stuck_out_tongue: Sharon here is the link forAnthropologie-inspired Capelet. Have fun!!!

So cute! You did a great job.

Beautiful! I saw the Natural Plum SWS at the store and couldn’t picture how it would look when knitted. I love it! I think this pattern is totally addictive. I just finished my second one yesterday (in cotton tape) and am wearing it today.


Thanks its on my to do list :hug:

:muah: Sharon

Candicane, Please show us a picture of your new capelet. I want to knit another one but don’t know what kind of yarn to use. Maybe I could copy you again!!! :rofl:

That is just beautiful. I guess I should get out my anthropologie and see what I could make my own. Thanks for showing me…Gave me some great ideas.


That is so lovely!!! :cheering:

Looks lovely on you!! WTG!!!