Anthropologie Inspired Capelet

I finished this recently. It was a super easy, quick knit. It only took me three evenings to finish (that’s quick for me :wink: ).

I got the pattern here:

I used Knit Picks Sierra in Natural.

:smiley: Absolutey ADORABLE…I :heart: love :heart: it, job well done :cheering: :cheering: Oh, and I love your pin :wink:

That is so cute!

Wonderful job - it is just beautiful!

I LOVE your finished capelet. Great yarn choice and color! :happydance:

Thanks for posting this. I am in the process of knitting this too. I wish I could say I finished mine in three days. I’m getting close, but I’m into week 2. I had a bit of trouble with the yarn-over concept :frog: , but thanks to Amy’s video am back on track and hope to finish soon. Maybe I’ll have one to post in the next week.

Great job!! :cheering: :cheering:

Beautiful creation!! :cheering:

Thanks so much everyone!

Becka – Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with the pin – I found it on sale at Mervyn’s for $3.97!!

loveswildflowers – I can’t wait to see yours. What yarn/color are you using?

Amber, don’t forget to mention your beautiful Chickami too!! :cheering: I think I may have to do this capelet too…it looks gorgeous together! :inlove:

That looks great on you… and such a fast knit too!

That is so adorable!

Love it! :heart: That fits so well - well done you!

I’ve just finished one too! I’ll post a picture later when I get a chance :smiley:

Yay for these capelets!!

Ooh, very cute! :cheering:

Ooh, very cute! :cheering:

How cute is that. Love it :inlove:

Oh… sooo cute!
I love it! :heart:

Thank you!! :blush:

And thank you Andrea – that’s so sweet of you to mention the Chickami.

I’m wearing the capelet over a chickami (from Chicknits) I finished a bit ago. I’m pleased that they look good together, and the pin I bought (on sale – woo hoo) matches the cami perfectly! :happydance:

Ok, now u must take a pic of the entire ensemble for us to see :smiley:

I’m wearing the cami under the capelet in the pic, although it’s kinda hard to see.

You can maybe see it a little better in this photo that my dh took before I put the pin on. I know I keep cutting my head off – but apparently I wasn’t having a good day – I look like someone who hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in YEARS! Oh wait, that’s true, I haven’t. Explains a lot. :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: They do look great together…just perfect sts :smiley: Thanks for the photo :wink:

awww…that is so pretty!!! great job!!!