Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet - this one in Ironstone Yarns

So I jumped on the bandwagon. I made this with two hanks of Ironstone Yarns “Temptation” which is a wool/mohair/metallic/nylon blend. It is soft and sparkly. No good pics and my camera was too low on batteries to try too many times, so I took an overall pic and a closeup of the yarn.

Great job!!! I love the color. The Antropologie-inspired Capelets are very popular now. I see why because everybody’s look so good and different. Thanks for posting it.

That is adorable. One day we are all going to get together in our capelets and have a picture! Why don’t any of you show your face when you picture yourself?

I am sure it has something to do with internet safety…
I know we are all pretty good people here but
PSYCHOS exist !!!

(as if you didn’t know this already!! :eyebrow: )

So what you’re saying is that if I post my mug, I might get a stalker? Or that someone will use my picture for nefarious reasons? Not likely. No one here really uses my real name, so the liklihood that someone would be able to even find this site and relat it to me is low. I am going to go look for myself right now to prove this point.

That is so pretty!

I finally got over the head chopping off thing. I figure it’s all over the place now, so what the heck.

I showed my face on mine!!! I was wondering that also. :??

I can respect your opinion on this matter and you are absolutely free to post any picture you like. But as for MYSELF I would rather be safe than sorry. But you do have a right to your own opinion

Please don’t be angry about this matter. I was not trying to offend anyone!! :shrug: :shrug: :verysad: :heart: :heart:

That capelet looks like it’s meant for a party! Woo hoo!

ooooh i like it in that sparkly yarn!! gorgeous! :cheering:

Lovely, I really like it, it looks great on you :cheering: :cheering:

I am about to cast on for another, knit one already for my niece and am casting on for another for another niece, they are fun to knit :cheering:

Actually, the reason there’s no head in this photo is just because I didn’t like my face in the picture. It’s as simple as that! If you look at other photos I posted (like blue sky alpacas vest) or pics in my blog, some of them have my head. Also, since photos can be only a certain size, if I put my head in the picture, it takes away room in the pic that could have been used to show the garment. Since this picture quality was so poor to begin with, I used what available space there was to show the garment best.

Thanks for the capelet love, though, folks.

That is so pretty! I love the yarn you used!

Trust me, no one is angry on this matter! I was talking, while I was thinking. So I decided that I would test the theory. It’s really NO BIG DEAL. I hope I didn’t upset you! :slight_smile:

That is beautiful - I love the metalic thread running through the yarn!

OH I don’t think anyone was ofended! I just think some people just enjoy putting a face with a name/your projects,