Anthropologie Inspired Capelet Question

I’ve been searching through past posts to find an answer for my question but, I haven’t been able to really get an exact number…

I decided to knit the capelet today and I CO the number in the pattern, and I’ve reached the increases. I’m not knitting this for anyone in particular (I just wanted to take on the challenge of knitting an actual garment) nor will I be knitting it for myself (I’m a guy). I don’t have a female available to measure the capelet on. [B]What would be a good/standard amount of increases to do?[/B]

It looks like so far it’s leaning a bit on the small side and I have a few girl friends who I’d like to model the FO… I believe they generally wear size X-small or small shirts… does that help? I really don’t understand girl-sizing.
If it helps, I was helping one friend try on jeans and she was joking about how she hasn’t fit into a size 0 since high school… and then after trying on a few pairs she actually ended up fitting into a size 0 (it was a happy, happy day for her)… but, she generally wears 1 or 2 sizes above it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :hug:

There’s a couple ways to measure top down raglans to fit - from the neck to the underarm diagonally, around the upper arm to match the sleeve stitches to that measurement, or when the back stitches get to half the chest/bust measurement. Those numbers are going to be different numbers of increases depending on your yarn and the girl. Probably if you increased until the back section is about 17-18 inches that would be about right.

I am knitting this too! I’ve been reading the KAL on Crafster.

If you look at the picture you can see 13 holes, and she said she is a 36" size medium, which is the same as me. I’m wearing size 8 jeans from the Gap today, and sometimes I’m a 6.

It seems most people did about 13-15 or so and that’s my plan. I was actually unsure and researching this morning. Below are some quotes from people on that KAL. So if your friend is a size 1 or 2, I’d probably keep it around 11-13, cause that’s quite a bit smaller than me.

Quoting random people:
I did 11 repeats of the raglan row… it fits good but a couple more might have been better.

And for those who were wondering about the raglan increases, I did about 15 repeats of rows 2 & 3.

I used exactly 2 skeins of Sierra. I did (I believe) 16 sets of raglan increase rows, and I came down to the last few inches of the 2nd skein!

Here they talk about the number of stitches left for a s/m

Wow! Thanks for all the research. =)

I am a size 4 or 6 and I did 13 increases… but I also lengthened the body a little at the end. (extra ribbing.) its such a fun pattern- good luck!