ANSWER THIS! please?

How long does it take to knit at least a 4 foot long stokinette stitch scarf? I can knit an elongated scarf quicker than quick but I can’t seem to get this right!! I need bunches of help! Thank You!!:knitting:

P.S. I always mess up with this stitch. I am in the clouds!cloud9

Umm… no need to yell. We always answer questions as quickly as possible. :thumbsup:

How long it takes is dependent on the knitting, the needle size, and the yarn you are using. Stockinette is just knitting a row, then purling a row. What exactly are you having problems with? It helps us help you if you give us more info when asking questions.

Note - stockinette curls naturally so if you are making a stockinette scarf use a border of garter, seed stitch or some other non curling stitch all around the stockinette.

I’d also add that it depends on how comfortable you are with doing the stitches and whether you are knitting continental, English, or some other method…

If you use chunky or bulky weight yarn and size 15 or bigger needles, you could knit a 4 ft long stockinette stitch scarf in no time at all!

Also the curling effect of stockinette is sometimes desirable for something like a scarf, so if that is what you want, just get a couple skeins of big fat yarn, some big fat needles and sit down for a couple hours and start knitting one row, then purling the next. By the time you finish watching a good movie, you’ll have yourself a nice soft cozy scarf!