Anouk Pinafore from again

Hi. I posted a thread reguarding this pattern not too long ago. I still am having trouble with this pattern and was just curious if any one else has knit this pattern? And if so, how did it turn out?


Hello, I just finished making the Anouk, and I do understand your trouble, because although the pinafore is darling, the pattern is not well written, and this I knew beforehand because I had read other comments on another forum. I acutally made it on circulars because I wanted it to be a dress. If you have a specfic question, I will try to help you. Where are you stuck?

Hi. I was stuck on the right front shoulder. But the assistant of the pattern writer responded to my email and informed me that there was a problem with the math in the pattern, and that it was too late to correct it on the site. She suggested to (on the rt front shoulder) to do the 4 seed sts, yo, k1. Then on the next row, k2tog to get back in the seed pat. I will do that tomorrow. I had enough mess with all the loose ends I have hanging all over from doing the right front neck shaping. What a mess!

I didn’t realize that the “dress” was a pinafore until after I was half way through the front. I don’t really like the looks of it hanging open on the sides . It’s ok once they outgrow it and it’s more of a tunic top over pants, but not as a dress. I decided to just sew the sides up and make it a dress. Then when the baby outgrows it, I can remove the sewing and attach the tabs to make it a tunic top. I like your idea a hundred times better. I don’t really know how mine is going to look with the two seed st borders sewn right next to each other on the side seam. I am going to give some serious consideration to undoing the whole thing and starting over and doing it like you did. Did you make any adjustments to the neck shaping/shoulders on yours?

Sorry for the lengthy msg. It is so frustrating sometimes. I am not the most experienced knitter to say the least. LOL.

Would you mind posting a pic of your pinafore? I would love to see it.

Thanks a bunch.


Boy, do I understand your frustration with this pattern. What I did was simply finish off the top straps in seed, then got two ladybug buttons and sewed them on. I still have a second pocket to do, but I will post a photo once my daughter comes because she knows how to post photos. I am still inexperienced at knitting as well as computer skills.