Another yarn substitution

i finally found a baby blanket pattern for my bf’s cousin. i already have yarn in my stash that i want to use, but it’s worsted weight. the pattern calls for dk double-stranded. can i get away with this substitution?

You can try it out on the needles the pattern calls for and see how you like it. Should be alright; if it’s too loose a stitch, you may want to go down a needle size and CO a few more stitches.

A gauge swatch is really the only way to know.

Since gauge isn’t all that important, I’d go with it.

well, i went for it. my swatch was really close. i now have 1/9 of the balnket done and am really liking it. it will be a tiny bit smaller than the pattern specifies, but it was a little larger of a baby blanket than i wanted, so it should turn out nicely.