Another WOT (WAY off topic): E-Harmony

Have any of you done this? My step mother did, and is MADLY IN LUST oops I mean LOVE…anyway, it seems like I just dont meet guys doing the work/kids circuit…have been out of the dating market for a little while after my last bad relationship - I realized that I was settling with the wrong people because I was scared to be alone- I now can see that I am don’t need some guy to complete me, but it might be nice to have someone to do things with…success stories? Disaster stories? I won’t do - my attempts at that have been bad, its just sleezy here…

My daughter did this for a while, she communicated with a couple of guys, met one (whose head looked like a pumpkin :teehee: ), but met someone elsewhere and stopped visiting the site. She did get a lot of ‘hits’, though.

One of my male friends seems to be very pleased with his experience with them. He’s met a few women, but as far I know, he’s still looking. He’s seems to be enjoying the process quite a bit.

I think The Onion has a personals section on their website so you might want to look into that. I would imagine their readers to be fairly intelligent, and to have a good (if somewhat twisted) sense of humor.

This thread is right up my alley! I internet dated for 4 years… so I’ve done everything, every site, etc etc!

eHarmony was the best matching sites I was on. I found that the system in place really does weed out the people looking for something non-committal. (Go to for that!) I mean, just the registration process takes an hour, so you have to be a person willing to commit! And the process of communication with the matches you get really helps you decide if you want to meet the person. You feel like you actually talked about something somewhat meaningful in getting to know a person online. I found the other sites pure meat factories where if you weren’t a model then you where not getting any hits.

I did meet a few men on eHarmony, but in the long run it did not pan out. But, they were of some of the better dates I had been on.

I have a friend who is in a serious relationship after meeting online, and have had patients that met and married via internet dating. So it does work. It just might not be for everyone.

I put all my details in to eharmony (after several really horrible attempts with udate - a friend is getting married to a girl he met there), and after the hour registration process it said I was not a suitable candidate for eharmony at all!

I was a bit taken aback and felt a bit :pout: after. Then finally they wrote to me recently to say they had a match but the guy never responded so it was a bit :doh:

One day I hope to meet someone like Becka’s Lonnie and then I too can use the coveted :eyebrow: icon :teehee:

How rude! Did they say why?


My friend met her partner through yahoo. Two months after they started talking online, they moved in together and a week later she tattooed her name on her arm. They now live in Ft. Lauderdale, happy as a clam.


Like this??


Whats up with THAT!!! I so would not have anything to do with them after that!!!

I dated a guy for 5 years who I met on When I first met him, I knew he was wrong. 5 years later…so my judgement was a bit off!!! I wouldnt use that service again, or