Another WIP...question about how many CO >>>

I’m doing a feather and fan, and I have to use a multiple of 6, plus 6.
I’m using a 24 inch needle and I have 78 stitches on there now. They take up all of the cable and the first inch of the needles, and that’s, of course, before I start knitting. I could make it 84 stitches, but am wondering if that would be too crowded on a 24.

I think 78 is the way to go, just getting a 2nd (and 3rd opinion) before I start!


You could fit lots more St’s on the needle. you are only need too spread out the end ones in order to knit them, it won’t matter that the rest are bunched up, but in the end, it’s what you will find easiest to manage.