Another WIP is now a FO

I have had these clogs on the needle’s for many weeks now. They are knit with pattons Classic Merino Wool. A light blue, denim blue, denim marl. This yarn felts up much faster than the cascade I worked with the first time.
They were to be a Christmas gift for a friend. I guess they are going to be a birthday gift now :teehee:

Very pretty! I like how the colors worked up!

oh wow, those are sooo pretty!! :muah: I love the color combo, I wanna make some too :mrgreen:

They look so comfy.

Those look so comfortable! I’m going to have to break down and get the pattern, make some up for myself. Thanks for the info on the wool to use. I might copy your color scheme. :wink:

BTW, your little one is adorable in your avatar.

These look so nice and comfortable. I bought the pattern for these months ago and haven’t tried them yet…


[COLOR=“Blue”]Thank you, yours is too.
All yarn is on sale 30% off right now at Michaels. I went yesterday and found some great buys.[/COLOR]

They look great!!! I simply have to start mine!

Turned out great! Love the color! :inlove:

Very, very pretty.
I think they’ll be much appreciated.

Those turned out great. I love the color combinations. I made a bunch of them (7 pairs) for Christmas presents too. Everyone loved them. The first one was tough… but after awhile I you get the hang of the pattern and it becomes much easier. I still have to make 2 more pairs - when my parents saw them, theey both wanted a pair… and I thought I was done with Christmas knitting…