Another way to knit pictures

I just read this on Knitter’s Review forum and think it is a fantastic idea!

Copy a piece of knitter’s graph paper onto a clear sheet, like those used for overhead projectors, and then just put the grid over any picture you want.

I’m going to go to the copy place tomorrow and do this! :happydance:

And this site allows you to pick your gauge when you print knitter’s graph paper.

Kewl - you gotta let us know how you like it!!

I have one I got for cross-stitching. I never thought to use it for knitting. It is made so you can put the grid over the picture and then color it in using colored pencils. Then you can wash it off when you are done. I didn’t like it for cross-stitching, the grid was too large, but it should work great for knitting. Thank you for the idea.

The only problem you might have with that is that cross stitch is essentially squares, while knit stitches are more oblong… may throw your pattern off a little…