Another unicorn!

This one has a name, and she’s called Bat Cookies. The moon on her butt is a pi circle (not my favourite method of knitting circles, but couldn’t resist adding a secret food-based pun, plus I couldn’t find the pattern for my preferred method, which is done flat then seamed) - it glows in the dark! The two bats are made of felt to look like baked cookies. Her hair is white boucle yarn. It was meant to be styled to look a bit like piped buttercream but I kind of lost the plot and thought a plain mane would have to do. Need to fill it out with a bit more yarn, but otherwise she’s all done.


Stellar unicorn! Love the glow-in-the-dark feature.

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She is fabulous!

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Thank you :grin:

She’s a beauty! I find small projects like baby clothes and animals more challenging than any other type project. Your knitting and construction look flawless! Congrats!

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Thanks very much! :smiley: