Another Tiny Sweater and a WIP Column of Leaves

Here’s a picture of another Tiny Sweater, GardenMommy’s was super cute and I thought it would make a cute little gift to my cousin–we exchange silly bobbles every years.

I also started up a Column of Leaves scarf because Lizzitude’s was gorrrrgeous. I got about half done tonight and must finish tomorrow–oops, it’s 6am, I guess that means “today”.

It’s been mentioned that Column of Leaves is greatly served by a good blocking, but I"m using an acrylic baby yarn. Any advice on blocking? Should I try spray and pin…steam it? I’ve heard steaming “kills” synthetics which is bad–but good for lace cuz it forces it to hold shape. :doh:

My goodness - I can’t believe you knitted all that in one night! I’m very impressed. It took me several weeks to finish my scarf! It looks wonderful! :cheering:

Yay for tiny sweaters, and I can’t believe you got that much done on that scarf! How many cups of coffee did it take?

Hee hee…no coffee, but a very slow day where I volunteer. :happydance:

that tiny sweater is the cutest thing! adorable!