Another teddy

Just finished

Awww he’s really cute! Is that for your son?

Nice job!

Very cute Teddy. I’m in the process of knitting two small toys. They’re lots of fun to make, aren’t they?

He is very cute!

Just adorable! I love the color combination.

Cute bear!

Thanks everyone.

I have a daughter but I knitted it for whoever will enjoy it.

Yes, these are fun to make. Thought the first one was a bit difficult for me doing the face so I wasn’t looking forward to the second one. However, I was relieved to see my skills improved second time round. So, I’ll be making more soon.

was the scarf an i-cord?

If it was the same pattern I used, then, no, it was not an I-cord, you cast on, I think, 60 sts, and knit about six rows.

Tamar, what pattern is it? I used the one that Olha (thank you! :)) had linked to on her Halifax Charity Knitters website and it looks very similar to mine.

Yours is very sweet, and the face is excellent. I have yet to put faces on the two I have made.

Reminds me of a gingerbread boy sitting on the rack to cool. Cute.