Another sweater for Stitches from the Heart

This pattern, although straight forward and easy, made me frustrated. It’s knit in one piece starting at the corner of one side of the neck. Through a series of decreases and increases you create the front, then back, then back, the front on the other side. However, by doing it this way the first side of the front is decreases and the other side of the front will be increases. The ones in the pattern don’t even come close to matching! :hair: SO… I did one side and back and the put the back stitches on waste yarn, then did the other side and grafted the back stitches together with kitchener. It was the first time I’ve done it in garter so it’s not perfect, but it’s not too bad. I don’t now why the angle didn’t come out right at the neck. I counted the stitches regularly so I know that wasn’t it. I must have been tighter on one side or something. Arrrgg. :hmm: The only seaming is the top of the sleeve/shoulders.

So anyway…overall I’m pleased. It was easy and I want to do another one with different increases/decreases to see if I can match them up so I can do it in one piece.

That is so cute! Good job! :yay:

Jan…another amazing sweater! Really cute concept!


PRETTY!!!:thumbsup::mrgreen::sun::balloons: :blooby:


Looks perfect to me!



That’s really cute.


I am now in the process of trying to figure out matching increase and decrease stitches so it can be done in one piece! Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be that many people who’ve done it (I searched) so the problem has probably bugged others as well. :hair:

Oh, that’s adorable! What a great pattern. Love the color, too.

It’s a beautiful sweater and you always do such lovely work! :yay:

It’s adorable Jan!

What a cute sweater! I love the ribbon! What a nice, finishing touch!

Jan, I think it’s just beautiful!! And it looks perfect to me, too :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It’s a lovely item but I would avoid a pattern that problematic like the plague. Lucky you are experienced enough to resolve it.

So cute!

I’ve never knit a sweater before, so I’m thinking of trying it out with a baby one. That way I won’t get near as angry when I screw it up. :teehee:

And it’s a good combination- red+white!:star:

Thanks! I don’t think I’ll ever do this one again. There are too many patterns to get frustrated by this one. Too bad because it’s so easy otherwise!

Sabrina, baby sweaters are so fun! I knit them for charity and you don’t need to follow or worry about gauge. It’s a great way to learn!

Jan, you have made such a cute little sweater.:cheering:
Very precious and adorable!:heart:
I like the red color you have chosen and the white rim is beautiful. Overall a very neat and cute sweater !:heart:

Jan, that turned out nicely, but I have never heard of anything constructed like that. I think I would have been pulling hair too. But you figured it out! Now to figure out your improved version!!

Your yarn color is luscious, it looks like watermelon. :slight_smile: