Another sweater and 1/2

This was made top down with Moda-dea Sassy self striping yarn. No seams. :thumbsup:

I actually finished this Debbie Bliss one piece baby shrug from her book[U] Simply Baby[/U] . Was supposed to be DB Cashmerino (I’m sure that would be lovely :drool: ), but I used Wool-Ease. Just thought you might like to see this one piece construction. I didn’t get a picture of it before I gave it away.

:inlove: So pretty!

So that one piece construction requires seaming under the sleeves and down the sides?

They are both gorgeous!

You guessed it! :slight_smile:

OH NO - I just bought some Sassy Striped yarn for socks - may have to make this sweater for my grandbaby!

Very pretty!! :happydance:

Absolutely, postively GORGEOUS!!! :inlove: Love the colors. WOW:thumbsup:

That cardigan is so pretty I just love the colours. x

Very pretty

Both are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors. Lucky babies!

Thank you everyone! Merigold

Hi’ya Merigold! :waving:

ANOTHER WINNER(S)!!! Sure do like the raspberry colors for the all-in-one sweater! You are a real wiz-kid! Love to see your latest knitted artworks!!! Keep ‘em comin’!!!

Both look great! I love self-striping yarn, and the colours (in both sweaters) are lovely.