Another swallowtail dilemma

I was working on a swallowtail shawl a little while back with some Knit Picks Gloss lace yarn in “celery” ( I decided to try for a bigger shawl by knitting 19 repeats of the budding lace pattern. Very unfortunately, the skein ran out with just 3 or 4 rows remaining in the entire project. EEK! So…now what? Here’s the options I’ve thought of:

  1. I just bought some nice skacel merino lace ( in black that comes in such a huge skein that I definitely have plenty to spare. I could do the final few rows in that yarn (a greenish yellow shawl with black edging?)…different weights could potentially pose a challenge, as the black is almost 690 yards per 50 grams, and the celery is only 440 yards per 50 grams…so the black would be thinner than the celery if knit single and thicker than the celery if knit doubled. Should I switch needle size if I use the black?
  2. I could rip back a few rows to the beginning of the peaked edging and do the entire peaked edging in the black merino lace, instead of just the few remaining rows. That might make it look slightly less odd than just doing half of the peaked edging in black.
  3. I could order another skein from knit picks. Not my favorite color (It looked different on my screen then when it arrived in the mail), and I don’t know that I’d use the skein after finishing this shawl.
  4. I could order another skein of gloss yarn in a color I’d be more likely to use, and finish the shawl in a different color that would at least be the same weight, so I wouldn’t encounter yarn size issues.

I’d love any input anyone has, if you like any of these ideas best or have a different idea to offer me. It’s been hibernating for over a month now because I’m just not sure what to do!
Thanks in advance!

You have very good options – you just need to make the decision!