Another survey question (re: sock tutorial)

I have to admit, I’m hoping the 2 toe ups on a ML wins out in the end. I’d really like to do them next. Sounds like fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the kudos from everyone. I’m thrilled you all love my tutorial so much. I promise I’ll make the next one as easy and detailed as the first.

I’m knitting some toe-up socks right now (on 2 circs). While I don’t dislike cuff down socks, toe ups are more fun. And I have a little secret for making the cast on darn near perfect too… yes, I’ll share it in the tutorial.

Once I start, it shouldn’t take more than a week to get it online, barring any unforeseen circumstances (or work clients… I do graphics, logos and webpages and stuff)… but I swear I will do all I can to get it online asap!

we love you Silver :flirt:

Silver is there a way that you could not have the background of the pictures for the tutorials in black?? i know it show’s off the yarn and steps well but it is killer on the ink charges.

Just wanted to say I am trying to knit a sock right now and so far so good :happydance:

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Silver

How exciting!!!

I know, my desk is black and at the time I made that tutorial, I had no plans to make it widely available so I didn’t even consider the printing capabilities. BUT after I got lots of requests, I painstakingly made a printer friendly version where I took the black out of each photo. :slight_smile:

For the next tutorial I will take photos on a white background. Don’t worry!

When i took your first survey, that is exactly what I was saying to myself! Yes, yes, yes!

Also, you know when you are going to run out of yarn. For example, if you have 2 50gram balls and you go top down, you might end up making the cuff too long and you run out of yarn in the middle of your foot. Or you make it really short and have all this yarn left over that you could have used to make a longer leg part. But if you go toe-up, you can just keep going until you run out of yarn.