Another stupid question

when the pattern says place a marker each side for end of sleeves…how do you place a marker at the end without them falling off? I told you it was a stupid question.

Hard to say for sure without seeing the pattern, but usually if you’re placing a marker on either side of sleeves, it’s because you’re knitting a pull-over or cardigan type thing, right? Either way, you’ll have more stitches on either side of the sleeves, so it won’t actually be the end of the row. For example, if you’re doing a top-down raglan cardigan you would be starting in the middle of the front of the sweater, knitting around to the 1st sleeve, then across the back, then across the 2nd sleeve, then across the other half of the front. I don’t think I explained that very well, hope it makes sense… :slight_smile:

This is the pattern:


LOL Ok, ignore everything I said in my earlier post. :slight_smile: This one you’re knitting from cuff to cuff across the shrug, and then you’re going to seam from cuff to armpit and armpit to cuff. You’re placing markers where the armpits will be so that you can easily see where the seams should stop when you get to that stage. I would just use a contrasting piece of yarn so you can untie or cut it out later on. You need to put a marker near either end of those rows so that when you fold it lengthwise the two markers will line up. Does that make sense?

By the way- not at all a stupid question! Everyone has to learn sometime, no-one is born knowing how to knit a shrug. :slight_smile:

I’ll do a follow-up question on this. One of the things I have a hard time wrapping my mind around is using markers and dpns, for example whe you’re doing increases for a thumb gusset on a mitten. Do you just divide up your stitches so you don’t have a marker at the end of a row? (So far, I have managed to avoid using dpns, and this is one of a few reasons.)

Either you divide up your stitches so you don’t have a marker at the end of a row, or you forget the marker all together and just remember that the beginning of the round (or whatever it is you are trying to mark) is at the (beg/end) of needle (one/two/bottom of thumb). Does that make sense? I don’t use dpn’s, I use Magic Loop for in the round knitting, so all the stitches are either on the needle or on the cable, and there aren’t as many needle ends that way.