ANOTHER sock question

Ugggg…I was so excited because I finally got the hang of my 2 at a time toe up socks, magic loop. So excited in fact, that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the very simple pattern.
I was supposed to increase until there were 44 stitches…well I thought that meant just on one needle. I realized they were getting too wide, but not until I had 28 stitches on each needle.
My question is…do I have to rip back 7 or 8 rows on all 4 needles, which may just do me in (I have a hard enough time just knitting the magic loop) OR, can I just decrease until I get back to the 22 stitches I need on the needle?

You mean you’ve increased for the gusset on the sole and on the instep? I’m sorry to say but I think the only good fix is to undo it and reknit. Anything else is going to mess up the shape and fit of the socks. I think they’d end up unwearable.

I’m getting my two at a time toe ups back on the needles now. I decided I didn’t like the way I worked the gusset decreases after the heel turn and had knitted another inch at least. I’m going all the way back to just above the heel turns. You’re not alone.

Thank you for answering. After dreaming about it most of the night, I realized that it would just be too weird to try to reduce…and then woke up to your reply.
I have decided to try to frog back several rows, but even that has me stumped. I am setting it aside until I can sit with one of my knitting mentors.
Thanks again!

I would stick a safety pin 2 rows less than you need to frog. Frog it back until the pin stops you. Carefully frog it one round picking up stitches as you go. Then tink it back one round to preferably a non-increased round. That usually gets me to a round without mistakes induced by removing the needles and picking up stitches.


Mike…thanks, I’m intrigued with that suggestion. Where exactly would I place the safety pin?

Do you know of a picture or video tutorial that I could watch.
Thank you again

Going by the 7-8 rows you said earlier, assuming the increase rate was correct and you just knitted too many rounds, count down two rows before that and put the pin in a stitch much like the marker.

I don’t know of a video for using a pin to stop you but you could also try this, I’m not good at inserting into the same row doing this and usually have a tink a round anyway is why I used a pin. It might be easier to keep the same row since it’s all knits.

Ya, I was having no luck trying to pick up stitches…I was not clear if I was getting each stitch and I even got off the row :roll_eyes:. That’s when I realized I need to do it when I have an experienced knitter guiding me. I will just start a new pair, while I wait until I can get help. I want/need to learn how to frog and tink back so that’s why I didn’t just frog the whole thing and start over.
Thanks for tips!

Unsure is why I always end up tinking back a row after picking up. Unknitting I can be sure I got every stitch and none are split or twisted.