Another sock on 2 circular needles question

I have that same book and working on the first sock pattern as well. I figured out how to pick up gusset stitches and work the heel. I am about half way down the foot and noticed something.

Where the 2 needles seperate there is an obvious “flaw” in the sock. I try to pull the yarn as tight as I can to keep everthing even. However, I still notice it. Not a big deal I suppose, but is there a way to get the 2 needles to match up a little easier? or does it just come with practice. This is the first sock I’ve ever knitted. :frog: :hair:

Practice, practice, practice is the answer. Although, I find in knitting socks with dpns or 2 circs that if I give a gently tug on the 2nd and 3rd sts on the needle that the ladders that you are talking about don’t appear. Also, this often clears up once the sock is washed.
A phenomenon that is a bit odd is that sometimes when you tug too much on the 1st st the ladders worsen.

That is called “laddering”. I have seen some folks suggest moving the stitches to the cable of the first needle before starting the second needle and pulling the first couple of stitches extra tight.

I’m doing a pair of socks on 1 long circ using Magic Loop, and I’m not experiencing any laddering (I did get ladders when I used 2 circs).

Even if you can’t eliminate all the laddering while knitting, most of the extra space will distribute with washing and wear. More than likely it will not be noticeable later on.

That is good to know. It doesn’t look too bad on one side, but the other side is kind of obvious. I’ll see how it turns out after a good wash.

Thanks again :heart: