Another sock heel to try


any thoughts? my first is that i wish the ‘strong’ part was also on the bottom, not just the back… that’s where most wear happens.

I took a quick look and I think it’s quite similar to when I did a faux heel flap top down, increasing on the side of the faux flap worked in heel stitch and then I decreased as I went down the foot. You can do heel stitch on the bottom of the heel. You can use reinforcing thread. Granted I’ve only been making socks for 3 years but I’ve not got holes in any of mine and I’ve not gotten any back for darning which is a stipulation when I give them away, if they get holes I must fix them. Have you worn through the heels of the ones you’ve made? I know you’re looking for sturdy, long lasting heels and that’s good, but have you personally test driven any of your hand knit socks? Somehow I’ve gotten the idea that you’ve done them for others but not for yourself.

i answered here, but it was a lot of complaining and griping, and a cat bordhi reference. i sent you a message instead. so there. :wink:

Read it. Was so disappointed. No real snark. :roflhard: :roflhard: PMed back x2. Just cuz reading msgs is all you wanna do.:wink:

Maybe knitting the sole separately would be a solution. You would then knit in rows and could do the sole with doubled yarn, add in reinforcing nylon, use carbon fiber yarn, whatever, and if you do need to do a patch job it should be simpler. The basic idea of what I have in mind: Reinventing the Sock: Free-Sole!. Join as you go knitting. I don’t think I need to pay $20 or more to give it a test drive. I am interested in trying it.

i know, i even double edited myself, so it was snark-lite. some days i really try. other days i’m just really trying.

that lion brand stainless steel lace yarn is interesting. thanks for that link. i’d have to have it shipped; nobody around here carries more than a few basic LBY’s, but it might be worth it. if anybody else needs the link.

tell me more, oh wise one. seriously, i’m in the beginner class, and you’re like a graduate student. i’ve tried looking for this technique in a video/etc and have come up empty-handed. i can figure out the stitch, i think… but the measuring for it, incorporating it into the gussets, the heel turn, etc all stump me.

When I did heel stitch on the sole stitches I did an occasional short row because stockinette, my preferred sock stitch done at 8 sts or more/in, gets longer faster. For some reason I decided not to do them that way and frogged. Honestly I haven’t done much with socks except the heel stitch (sl 1, k1 across) and stockinette. I’ve not had any of the socks I’ve made get holes…and if the ones I’ve given to family get holes and they don’t get them back to me to fix they’re in big trouble.

I’ve been thinking about sock soles done separately and plan to try this in worsted weight for slipper socks. I will do a provisional cast on for the toe. I will work the instep side flat and then I will do another provisional cast on for the toe of the sole (the provisional sts to be grafted later, maybe with contrast color yarn) and do some sort of stitch that should be more durable on the sole and join as I go to the instep sides. The gusset increases will be in stockinette I think or maybe garter since I’ll be working flat…I’ve not gotten as far as the heel turn in my thinking yet. I have Sox for Growing Feet to finish. They’re totally tubular. No heels but he should be able to wear them when they’re done. I hope.

Bug me. I’m fantastic at good intentions, not necessarily with follow through. So please do bug me in a few days. My intention is that when I get these tube sox done then I will see what I can come up with. I can only figure it out as I go. Writing patterns and advance strategic planning aren’t my bag. I have to leave that to better minds. Don’t expect a pattern from me but if it works for me I will do my best to explain it to you.

You need to understand also that I do not use sock patterns. I do the knit to fit thing, figured out the gusset I like and wing it on the heel turn ala Fleegle or faux heel flap. I do very vanilla socks. I have not used reinforcing thread, or anything else. I go for tight stitches in a wool/nylon blend and a snug but not tight and the sock’s gotta stretch a lot fit.

Something’s telling me I will turn the heel before joining the whole thing together to work the leg in the round and there will be another provisional cast on for joining the back of the heel and the back of the leg.

A good place to bug me is my blog thread I think.