Another shawl for a friend

hello again- here’s another crochet shawl… for my friend who will be having a hysterectomy soon. I am going to wash ti and re-block it tonight to mail tomorrow.

I used the same Bernat pattern as before (Bernat Satin Sport Wrap, free from but I used Plymouth Bella Colora yarn and an H hook, so it is larger and heavier. she’s terribly allergic to lanolin, so I thought cotton would be nice. (it is cotton and acrylic)

no edging this time, I think it looks ok without.

thanks for looking!

My goodness, that is so beautiful, Mary. Lovely colors, and the soft cotton will be warm and cozy. Is it a worsted weight? About how big is it–across at the widest end, and the depth?

That does look nice! I love the colors.

Beautiful work. Such wonderful colours in that yarn. :slight_smile:

The shawl is awesome!!!:cheering: If you have blocked it already what did it look like before you blocked it? I never block my crochet articles as I never felt they needed to be blocked. Why do people block items?

those pictures are unblocked- I’m washing and blocking it now. In my opinion, it helps the shell motifs spread out and look even. I know with a cotton/acrylic blend it won’t stay a certain size, but washing it and laying it flat gives it a little “polish.” and the yarn was a little crunchy before washing (sizing from the manufacturer) so it will soften up a lot.

I’ll measure it on the blocking board!

Thanks everyone! :cool:

here you go- it is 52 inches across the shoulders, and is 32 inches at its deepest point. the yarn is a worsted weight. it really went fairly quickly, and it got very soft after washing!

That’s so pretty, I’m sure your friend will love it! :heart:

What a beautiful gift–another lucky friend to get such a beautiful shawl from you!