Another seaming question

I have another seaming question. I did see Momwolf’s 3 sites that she put up for viewing on another thread(thank you!), but it doesn’t have what I need.
Do any of you know how to bind the shoulders of a baby sweater together that have been bound off? I knitted both the right and then left side of the sweater and then proceeded to “shape the shoulders” which left a little “ledge”. I usually do the kitchner stitch or castoff at the shoulders,but unless I rip it out, it is too late for that.
How do I seam these and have it look great??!:help:

You can still do a mattress-like stitch. Working with the right side facing you, pick up a stitch on each side rather than the bar as in regular mattress stitch.

Thanks, Ingrid…do you mean if I have both pieces laying right side faceing up at me, I would start to stitch either from the right or left, by putting the needle under the “V” of the stitch and then going to the other side and putting the needle under the “v” on that side and continue on up???

I wish we could draw on this site, it would make it easier or webcams, LOL!!
P.S… won’t there still be like a pucker from that “ledge” part?

The ‘steps’ created by your BOs will hopefully be in your shoulder seam. (Don’t pick up the st directly above the step…pick from the next row.) When you pick up the V’s insert your ndl into the V on one side but the /\ on the other side so that the stitches align. If you do the V on both they can end up offset by 1/2 st.

You could’ve eliminated the steps in your BOs by slipping the first st of the BO so the slope would be more gradual and not have the jogs. Also, you can do short rows to elim the steps AND there’s always the option to leave live sts for the shoulders which lend themselves to 3-ndl BO and that gives the cleanest shoulder seam.

Here’s tut info on shoulder seaming, including working with steps:


Hi Cam,
Thank you so much for your reply. I too, wish I had just left the sts. live, it is alot easier, but I also like a challange and figured that there has to be a way to do it correctly by the pattern and get it to look great.
I am off to try your suggestions!