Another scary pattern

Why did they have to ruin this ADORABLE dollwith THAT HAIR?!?!?! :roflhard:

Yikes! :shock:

HEY :mad: That’s what MY hair looks like!!! :roflhard: Ha - just joshin’ ya!!! That hair is pretty putrid, eh? :help:

Is that human hair?? :wink:

No, it’s an acrylic that you can buy at Michael’s, etc. by the bagfull. I think she went overboard with how much she used on this little dolly. A few ringlets wouldn’t have been this hideous.

I saved the pattern. DD LOVES ballet. Why, oh why, is my LYS closed for two weeks?! I’m getting DT’s!

The hair is fine… on a porcelain doll or something like that. It’s a little weird on a knitted doll. :?? What ever happened to good ol raggedy ann yarn hair?

A lovely doll,but the hair spoils it.

I saw this one last night… :shock:
Looks like Marge Simpson hair in brown… :roflhard:
Reminds me of a soft sculpture ballerina doll i made when i was in junior high. But I used embroidery floss for hair. If i do say so myself, she was pretty dang cute… this one looks flammable… :roflhard:
different hair and i agree she would be darling…

[size=2][color=blue]…hee hee, you said putrid… how often to you get to use that word?[/color][/size]

My grandmother had hair like that.

LOL i think I would do yarn hair lol did you see the other doll patterns the website had?? :rofling:

Actually, with a 2yr old boy and a 3yr old boy, I get to use that word quite a bit!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yup…every time you get one of those “special” diapers… :doh:

BTW, I vote for Raggedy Ann hair, too - and don’t ballerinas usually have a ponytail or a bun, rather than a beehive :??

its an updo! duh! :wink:

It’s Jackie’s grandmother’s wig, for sure. My friend’s grandmother–a very, very old woman who looked every minute her age–had a gray wig just like that which she wore to the grocery store when her granddaugher took her shopping. She honestly thought nobody knew it was a wig. :rollseyes: