Another scarf with kitty modeling

I just finished another scarf today. Yay! This one is for my friend’s birthday that’s this week. (I kinda had to bribe my cat with treats to sit still for the pic…lol). The colors of the yarn isn’t showing how it’s supposed to be in the photos, but I couldn’t get it any better. Oh well. The yarn is Bernat’s Soft Boucle in purple. I just knitted with the stockinette stitch pattern.

Here is a pic. of my cat modeling a scarf I just made too! I think we should have a whole thread of these. :teehee:

By the way, I love your scarf! :heart:

The scarf is really lovely, and your kitty’s gorgeous :thumbsup:

I wish I had a kitty :verysad:

Aww, your kitty is cute! I love orange colored kitties! Your scarf is lovely, too! Your cat did a WAY better job at modeling. Mine just tried to get away. Lol. (Can’t you tell by the look on his face?) Btw, that’s a great idea to make a topic with cats and knitted objects.

Dreamweaver: cats are great! They’re great companions, too. :heart:

Aww I love the pictures of the cats modeling! The scarves look nice too! I have an orange and white kitty but I don’t think I could get him to sit still long enough to model for me. Maybe if he’s sleeping I could sneak a picture… :teehee:

Lol. :roflhard: Your cat is adorable, LeaLea. It was hard for me to get my cat to cooperate, but I somehow managed. You just gotta be quick! :teehee:

Too cute! What a cooparative kitty you have! :teehee:

My cat would eat the darn thing! Very nice

So cute! The scarf looks great - wonderful color!

Both scarves look wonderful. Very cute kitties :flirt:

Thanks everyone! My cat likes to play with yarn…only when he sees the ends…it can get annoying sometimes… :wall:

Very nice.

Have all you kitty folk seen this?

Since I am allergic to my cat, maybe I can get the Snakes or Geckos to pose with myFOs

Snakes and Geckos modeling knitting??? :shrug:

Snakes~ :poke: no~!! :pout: :pout: :out:

Gecko~!! :thumbsup:

But you guys are right… we SHOULD have a Your pet modeling your knitting category~!! :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks you guys for all your comments. :slight_smile: We definitely should have a pet modeling knitting category (and yes, snakes and geckos can model too). That would be fun! :teehee: Maybe even have a photo contest. :smiley: