Another Scarf Question

Well, I’m about a foot into my scarf… and have a question again.
Here is the original thread…

My scarf is rolling, from side to side. Picture…

Is it because the outside edges are stockinette stitch? Here is the pattern… Have any of you made this scarf? Did you have the same issues? sigh

Also, will I need to block this? The yarn is 75% acrylic, 25% wool…

Thanks guys. I appreciate it so much… You have no idea…


Yes, that’s probably why it’s rolling, blocking may help a little, but because it’s mostly acrylic may not solve all of it. But hey, it’s a cool scarf pattern, does it matter if it curls in?

Not really… I was just wondering if it was me (I’m not entirely sure i’m doing the slip the first stitch correctly. I’ve gotten this far so I’m not gonna turn back though… )

Good for you! It’s better to keep going than to start over and over again while you’re first learning. Sometimes things look better with a little length on them.

Your work looks fine, it’s the stockinette base of the pattern that causes the curl. You could have added some garter to the edges to prevent curl, but I can understand not wanting to start over. Blocking may help a little, but probably the curl will recur. If you know how to crochet you might put a row of single crochet around it when you are done. That would probably help.

If it’s just the base, you could also pick up stitches along the CO and knit an inch of garter or seed stitch.

i would wear it curled in a heartbeat.