Another ribbing question

i know ribbing was touched on very recently, but in rereading the post, i’m not sure on the answer to this.

i’ve got yet another attempt at socks on the needles and things are going along just peachy, but when i switch from the ribbing to the stockinette, my K stitches in the stockinette are like half the size of the K stitches in the ribbing, shorter (at least by eye, but probably only marginally) and more narrow (that’s definite). it looks fine and all, but is this normal? i fear i’m knitting too tenaciously in the stockinette part, but i get all freaked out doing ribbing, so i’m doing that pretty fervently as well. i’d think it would even out. any ideas?

thanks bunches!

p.s. i have accidentally clicked “save draft” a few times. anyone know where it goes? <g>

If you look at the main index screen, where it says view your posts and drafts, you’re drafts will be at the very top of your posts.

As for the knitting, I think it’s supposed to look like that. Ribbing has a purl separating the knits and more yarn with all the switching back and forth. Purls use more yarn, too. I’d forge ahead.