Another reversible hat

The last reversible hat (see this thread) turned out too small, and had various other imperfections, so I gave it to my student with the tiniest cranium and started again.

Once again I knit an entire hat (based on the Mielkes’ Fiber Arts hat calculator here) and then went back to the beginning, picked up the same number of stitches, and knit another hat of the same pattern going the other direction. Finally I took the long tails left over at the peak of each hat, threaded them together on one needle, and stiched a kind of * shape to attach the hats at the center. The hat looks good and fits me very well, perhaps a bit loose. This is the first real good thing I’ve made myself.

What did I do differently from last time?

  1. I used the same brand of yarn for both sides, so the size is almost the same. (I believe the red side is slightly smaller than the green+white side, though. You can see the green trim when I wear it red-side-out.)
  2. Instead of the provisional cast-on, I simply used the long-tail cast on. I found it actually much easier to pick up the stitches, because I could see them all clearly, and in fact there’s no seam.
  3. It’s all in stockinette, no ribbing to confuse things.

Impressive work! :applause: Excellent color use and changes from what I can see.

That looks great! I love the colors!

That looks great!! :cheering:


Unfortunately as I was showing off my new creation to some students, they reminded me that in Chinese tradition, for a man to “wear a green hat” means to be cuckolded. So, I’ll mostly wear the hat red-side-out until I leave China. By which time it will be summer. And I’ll surely have made a new and better hat by next fall.

Looks great! :slight_smile: Sorry you can’t wear the green side, but at least you can wear the otherside okay!

very nice–great job!

Really? :roflhard:

Hmm, that was funny. Your hat is cool. I’d wear it green-side-out, too, and if some dude said something I’d be like “yeah, yo’ mama needs to get her act together”. :rofl:

:teehee: Well it looks great on both sides regardless.

Pardon my Ignorance but:
What is cuckolded? :?? :?? I am assuming from the jist of the thread that this is NOT a good thing?? :roflhard:

Basically, being unfaithful to your spouse or some people use it to mean, in his case, a “kept” man.

As far as the hat, looks wonderful and a lot more comfortable than the other attempt you made at a hat, right? It is really great looking!