Another reason to luv Ravelry

Casey let [I]just 20[/I] people sign up to try the new blog tool progress bars and I got in on the test. This feature is sweeeet! WIPs automatically appear as you add them to your notebook and you can update your progress from Ravelry too. :cheering:

Check em out on my blog side bar!

(My apologies for those of you still waiting for your invite. I really don’t mean to rub salt…)

:fingerwag:Put down that salt shaker, Silver!:nails:


Sounds cool–only 7000 folks ahead of me. :verysad:

Only 7699 ahead of me. :sad:

Well, you should all feel sorry for me then because I have 20,000 people ahead of me. I’ll do my part and feel sorry for the 140 people behind me in line. :tap:

:nails: salt yourself!
I have 18551 ahead of me!!!

P.S.: Cool tool though!


That’s really cool! So, by the way, are your pirate socks. :thumbsup:

congrats kbelle! runs to check out the new feature

it’s not showing up for me???

Do you have a script blocker on your browser? The progress bars are javascript.

That’s a great tool! Wonder when it will be open to everyone. :slight_smile:

yeah i’m at work so they aren’t showing up for me…i’ll check again at home but cool tattoo!!!