Another Ravelry PERK!

Well, here’s a good one! :happydance:

I had purchased waaaaay too much Rowan All Season’s Cotton last year. [B]Thirty skeins![/B] Yeah, I know, I know. What was I thinkin’?
Well, that’s what a sale will do to ya! :doh:

Anyhoo, I have this yarn entered on my Ravelry Stash. I’ve finally been able to use up 15 of them…for those two sweaters for my granddaughters. But, 15 remain. Sigh. What to do. :shrug: What to knit. :shrug: I’m kinda tired of it right now.

I got a note from another Raveler, in my Ravelry inbox, asking [U]if [/U][U]she could purchase my skeins[/U]! She is working on a project using my color…she is way short of yarn…and can’t find anymore anywhere…the color seems to be discontinued. My yarn is even the same dyelot as hers!

So we have struck a deal on the cost! She is mailing me a money order this week! Voila! Two happy campers!

What a great Stash Buster this has turned out to be!!! :cheering:

For those of you that are not Ravelers as yet: each Raveler his/her own NOTEBOOK. In this notebook, you have sub-notebooks…for projects, for stash, for needles, for books, etc.
So, all my Stash Yarn is entered. And, any other Raveler can poke through my stuff, and see what I have! Afterall, Ravelry is an internet site! It isn’t really like you’re creeping around other knitter’s houses when they’re not home! TeeHee! :teehee:
I must admit, it is fun snooping in other people’s stuff! :teehee:

Anyway, just thought I’d post my GOOD NEWS! Fifteen Skeins GONE!

Congrats!! Yeah, I like that you can also look up a yarn and see if anyone already wants to part with some (sale or trade it)… Not that I have yet… but you never know.

That is SO cool! I must admit, I’ve perused others’ stashes often…

Any time anyone in my family has a go at me for the size of my stash I can point out how meagre it is when compared to other peoples

Yeah, that’s a good one! :teehee: I have an embarrassingly huge stash…but, believe it or not…I have seen BIGGER Ravelry STASHES than mine by a long shot! :thumbsup:

That’s great! I really have to get my stash up there. It’s small compared to most but it is a great way to really see what you have at a glance.


Don’t forget, when you are looking at a yarn in your stash, if you click edit details, on the upper right is a drop down to change the “status” - you can set it for “willing to sell/trade” and then others can find it easily!

Agreed! And, you can save it as an EXCEL doc on your 'puter, too!
Then, you can make more changes to the appearance.

If you don’t have EXCEL, there is a free version. Mason Knitting Guy and KnitPurlGurl posted a link for it in another thread that I started.

HERE is the link.

Woo for both ravelry and open office :slight_smile:


I just bought TEN skeins of Pakucho Organic Cotton from a Raveler for $15 (plus $5 shipping)!! :woohoo: It’s a beautiful thang, that Ravelry! A little bit too much enabling though with all this wonderful loot staring at us! :teehee:

I agree, that’s a fantastic feature! I’m actually short 1 ball of Rowan Felted Tweed for a project, and can’t find the dye lot I need anywhere. I just got on Ravelry today, and I managed to search and find someone who has 8 balls in my dye lot. I sent her an email asking her about them, but haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully she’ll say yes and I can fix my scarf! :lol: If not, I’ll keep looking!

Oooooh Knit Queen! I am so yellous! Just plain yellous! What bargain! AND You woulda paid more than $5 shipping if you had ordered it directly from the vendor! GOOD SCORE! :thumbsup: Ima gonna hafta look into this yarn! I’ve never seen it before!

She has 10 more skeins that I’m sure she’d be happy to sell to you, if you want! Let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Alas, because of the yardage…10 skeins wouldn’t get me anywhere.

This cotton looks like it would make a GREAT cabled sweater. But I need at least 1700 yds for cabled projects to be on the safe side.
Cables suck up the yardage!

Thanks for the offer! :slight_smile: