Another quickie cowl/neckwarmer

Last week, sometime, someone posted their neckwarmer based on the pattern here:

I was feeling quite desperate as there is little time before Christmas and my plans for scarves were not working for me. Yay for an alternative – a QUICK alternative. :yay: It took me probably 5-6 hours, but I am a slow knitter. S-L-O-W.

In process:


It’s beautiful. Love the color.

Very, very nice. What a great idea for a gift. Good job.

very nice. I like the colors too. What yarn is that?

Pretty yarn! And nice work! :slight_smile:

That was me!!! Yours looks awesome :slight_smile: I’ve made a couple more since then… SUCH a quick knit !

Thanks! They are so quick and have become addictive to make. Thanks for posting your’s! :slight_smile:

It’s Caron Simply Soft shadows in Mardi Grey. :slight_smile:
It’s so soft and the colors look more fantastic in person.

:happydance: It looks great!!

I’m going to have to try this pattern… I have one for lace and it’s slooooooowwwww :teehee:

Beautiful, great colors!

That is really gorgeous, geat job!

That looks so cozy. I love the colors!

I love the colors! That’s beautiful and you knitted it so quickly.


Gorgeous! I have to make one (or more!) of these. Thanks for posting.

LOVE your cowl… when you think about it… why knit a whole scarf?
we just use it around our neck! Did you double up on that yarn? The pattern said to use chuncky yarn and SS shadows is wortsted ,I think a light worsted, isn’t it? What needles did you use? Thanks for the info!! and the pictures… some day, I am gonna figure out how to do the picture thing on here…

Very nice . Looks nice and cozy :slight_smile:

Instead of using chunky, when I used the worsted, I ended up using a size 10 set of needles and then casted on 43 stitches versus 38 that it recommended. I didn’t double up and it turned out nice.

That looks awesome. I love making cowls. I made a mobeius cowl in one night last week. They do seem to knit up so much faster than scarves!