Another question

:oops: Does anyone happen to have Last-Minute Knitted Gifts? I had got this book out of the library but took it back before I went to WV… My mom looked at it before I took it back and tonight she asked me what ribbon do they use to make the ribbon scarf in there… I went to the library website to ask for it but its checked out… does anyone know what kind they used and needle size? TIA :thumbsup:

I have the book, but at first glance I don’t see a ribbon scarf. Any description you can give me?

lol I’m talking to mom she says it was kinda golden brown and was a drop stitch scarf… mom thought maybe that was the name of it drop stitch scarf… see I had another Scarf book too by Jensen I belive so maybe it was in that one? :thinking:

Must be the other book. There’s nothing in Last Minute that’s made of ribbon yarn. Sorry!

Thank you Ingrid for looking through the book for me… I’ll try that book and see if the library still has it although I think all the knitting books are sent from other libraries… maybe a nice Christmas gift for my mom (the book) :thinking:

Then you can borrow it for as long as you like, too! :wink:

:happydance: ohhh hadn’t thought of that!!