Another question

I’m so sorry. I’m going to drive you guys nuts with all my newbie questions. I’m a lefty and I have heard very mixed reviews about knitting left-handed. I heard that you have to completely reverse every pattern. Is this true?
Would it be easier for me to use the continental method? (I think that’s where you hold the yarn with your left hand, right?). Since I’m learning how to read patterns, I would like to keep it as simple as possible.

Don’t be sorry, that’s what we’re here for! :hug:

I’m not a lefty so I really don’t know the answer, but I’ve never heard of having to reverse patterns. :??

Here’s a link that shows left handed knitting. You have to click the link on the left side as the arrow doesn’t seem to work for that first page.

Continental knitting IS holding the yarn in your left hand and that may help you a lot. It will just take some practice. Here’s a YouTube video that is really good.

As a lefty and crocheter, I find that I like to do continental. I would recommend you try it first because then you can follow along with Amy in the videos instead of trying to figure out the left-handed thing. :shrug:

I recommend Continental as well. I’m left-handed and that’s what I do, feels very comfortable for me.

Continental doesn’t seem to be working for me. It’s just not comfortable. I am VERY left-handed and nothing feels right if the right hand is dominant. I suppose I’ll have to mirror. Knit and purl is okay that way. So I can read patterns the same way, is that correct?

You could try holding the yarn in your right hand and see if that works.

In any case…it just take time and practice. I was a crocheter before a I learned to knit. I thought continental would be a snap since I was used to holding the yarn in my left hand. I found it awkward for knitting so I tried the english method of holding yarn in my right hand. That was awkward, too. However I stuck with it and now it’s second nature. Give anything you try plenty of time and practice.

Knitting will always seem uncomfotable at first whether u’re a lefty or not. try out the english method, but i think continental will be your best bet. just keep practicing :thumbsup:

i’m mainly left handed. but, thriving in a right handed world has made me very ambidextrous. i love how my south paw tendencies make me unique, but, it’s already quite a challenge and so i work to not let it hinder me (the school doesn’t have left hand scissors? that’s fine because i can cut with my right hand).
i’d actually recommend learning to knit right handed. for me, i basically learn a skill the way someone teaches it to me w/o my handedness getting in the way. having to take the extra effort to learn everything in reverse wasn’t worth it. i get especially annoyed by how-to books that say, “if you’re left handed just do everything backwards”… :wall: or “replace all the ‘lefts’ with ‘rights’ and all the ‘clockwise’ with ‘counterclockwise’ and the 'a’s with 'z’s” :?? or “hold the diagram/picture up to a mirror.” :grrr:
i figure that since you’re learning movements your body has never done before then it’s a new skill and your body would have no prior preferences in how it moves or which side of your body moves more.

hehehe, so… that’s my little left handed deal.
good luck though with whichever method you decide to use!

happy knitting!


Thanks. I’ll keep trying the continental method and if it still doesn’t work I’ll try the English method. I’m determined to make this work.

I never understood the need for “left handed scissors”…I’ve always used righty ones in my left hand with no problem. :teehee: I’ve also developed ambidextrous abilities but I love being left-handed. I always notice when other people are too–it’s like a little club. Heh…but in college I did always ask righties to give up the one and only lefty desk in class. Most people were willing to do so…

yay left handed club! =)
i noticed that righties usually don’t even realize that they’re sitting in a left handed desk. when i would enter a classroom the first thing i would do is scan for a lefty desk, but, for the most part righties just sit wherever is available.

whenever i eat at a restaurant with friends i always make sure to sit so my left elbow is on the outside of the table so there won’t be elbow bumping with my right handed friends while we’re eating.

oh, the world of a lefty. :eyebrow: