Another question

Sorry me again

I have about 5/6 50g balls of navy yarn thats awful to work with. but as i can’t afford to buy anything else at the moment i am going to have to work with it.

does anyon,e know of an easy pattern for a 3 year old boy please? possibly a jumper (as long as it dosen’t involve picking up stitches lol).



Check out the free patterns at . It’s a collection of most of the free patterns available.

I have made this sweater and it was easy and fun. (And no picking up stitches.) I would make the sleeves longer for a boy and use the sizing for a 4T, I thought the sizing ran small on the pattern.


thanks so much for the ideas. i am searching through the list on the link you provided (thanks so much for that).

i am ordering a crochet hook tonight so i can attempt to finish off the jumper i have nearly done (all but the ribbing around the V neck, so frustrating lol).

i have to have something else to carry on with as i have been bitten badly by the knitting bug

susi :XX: