Another question: Weak Yarn?

I just got some yarn from ebay delivered. I have had the best of experiences with ebay yarn btw. This yarn was a discontinued Rowan DK wool. When I first saw it I was really pleased, it’s pretty.

Then when I started rolling it into a ball I happened to pull it and it just breaks like it’s toilet paper (or weaker). What the heck is that?
I was going to put it into an afghan I’m making but it seems to me
it would make that part of the afghan so weak, esp combined along with the Canadiana acrylic in the afghan.

I don’t even want to use it. Does it breaking that easy mean it’s really old? I tried pulling/breaking some other yarns and they are not easy
to break. Is this yarn like, trash?


I have often used 2-ply jumper weight wool, which is a little thinner than dk. It does break very easily when you pull on it. It’s because it’s wool, not old or anything. It knits up to be strong, and long-lasting. In fact, they advise you to break ends rather than cut them so they’ll felt up over time.

I think its the way the fibers are when they’re straight. I’ve had my thin wool break if the swift got stopped suddenly.

Ok, thanks Ingrid! I guess that’s the answer… I’ve been used to wool that’s stronger but this Rowan might just be what you say. I thought it might not knit up strong. Maybe I’ll do a swatch just to see how it feels. swift huh? Wish I had one of those!

Some yarns are just delicate by nature. A thin cashmere or angora will easily pull apart too. You soon learn how to handle them gingerly.

If you’re worried about it’s strength, you can knit it with a smooth carry along yarn, like a nylon sock reinforcing yarn. Or even just some nylon thread in the same color. It will not affect gauge, and if it’s the same color, you will not see it either, but it will add strength. :thumbsup: