Another question same pattern

My next question I have is i didn’t like the yarn used in the pattern so i got…

Do you think this will be okay? I was thinking maybe it’s too thin because of the size 11 needles the pattern calls for.

I’m still working with…

I just did my cast ons and two rows of knit for the border and it was very very loose i guess because of the bigger needles?

help please? I’m bumping this up to the top.

A single strand will be too thin with that size needle. You’ll want to use 2 strands and see if you come close to 3-4 st per inch.

If I look for another yarn, what guage or size or whatever should I look for?

Look for a 5 or 6 - bulky or super bulky. The key is getting something in the same gauge as the original yarn which is 3-3.5 sts per inch on size 10-13 needles. It should say on the label. Bernat has a Softee Chunky which should work.