Another Question: Mattress Stitching

Another question…I love the mattress stitch and use it often, but I get confused when I’m stitching something together that involves a rib or increases/decreases where the V’s aren’t so easy to see and differentiate…

Is there a trick to this? or should I be using a different type of stitch when I have a ribbing or increases and decreases involved?

thanks! i :heart: this forum!

My suggestion is to make the first and last stitch of every row all stockinette. The row will all be inside the seam so it doesn’t need to be in the pattern. The increases/decreases should all be before that last/first stitch.

I also do all my selvage edges in st st (for items that’ll be seamed). Makes seaming very easy.


Thanks, didn’t think about that! makes perfect sense and will save a lot of my projects…