Another question - K1B

There is an explanation in the pattern: K1B - Knit into next st 1 row below, at same time slipping off st above.

Okay, I get that, in theory. What I need to know is: Is the st in the row below what wraps around the actual st? I watched the video, and it seems to be the st below this, so I’m not sure.

Also, does this “bind” the st so it doesn’t unravel? Just wondering about the mechanics of it. I know it must work, just wondering is all.

Thanks a bunch!

You knit into the center of the st that’s below the one on the needle. When you pull both sts off the needle, they won’t unravel because of the new st you just made. Watch the mechanics of how a stitch is made… do a sample piece and drop a stitch; then pick it up (see - How to fix mistakes) and you’ll discover how they loop together. This would be like pulling a stitch through 2 layers of yarn.

Thanks, Sue!

Ok, so not the wrap. I hate picking up st (I know how, just hate doing it), so since my little one woke up with a nightmare, I thought I’d post this while waiting for her to go back to sleep. She’s finally quiet, and I have this answer, so I’m good to go!

This is a pullover pattern. I completely frogged the cardigan, since I didn’t like the way it was coming along.