Another question & introduction....please everyone read

Hiya all!!

First and foremost, I realized after my first post in regard to the help with the speed stix, that I did not introduce myself and say hi to everyone. I came across this website by mistake, I was searching for info on knitting projects and this just so happened to come up. You guys seem so friendly and you all provide so much help and info. I cannot wait to chat with you all further and get to ya! :slight_smile:

A little info about me (not that you guys care and all, but just trying to be friendly…ha!) I’m 29 years old. I live in Florida, but grew up in Ohio. I have been knitting for a little over a year now. My Grandma was a bit inspiration for me. I used to watch her knit as a little girl. She could do just about anything, but her favorites were baby sweaters, booties, and hats. Sadly, she passed away from cancer before she was able to teach me, so in honor of her, I purchased a learn to knit kit and have been teaching myself. I still have a long way to go, I can do the basics, purl and knit. But, I have yet to conquer increasing, decreasing, and so much more. But, I will get there eventually. I have completed 2 prayer shawls so far, and currently am about to begin one of those speed stix throw. If all goes well, I plan on doing several to give away as gifts. Today, I went out and bought the Lion Brand Homespun yarn to follow one of the patterns on their site. Ya know the one with cream, russet, and meadows. However, before I even realized it, I had got the wrong color, instead of cream I got Deco. The hobby lobby here does not have cream, so I ran to Michael’s and got it there. I still have 2 skeins of Deco, and am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what Homespun color would mix well with that color? The pattern calls for 4 strands to be held together, so I would need atleast 2 more colors, not unless I just did it all in Deco. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Also, I would love to hear from you all. It is finally nice to be able to meet some knitters. I do not know anyone here, as far as personal friends or family who share the same enthusiasm for this cherished craft. So, please introduce yourself…:woot:

Welcome! I am new here also – my mom taught me to knit as a child. I didn’t knit for many years until I became a grandmother 1 1/2 years ago. It is nice to have this site because people who don’t knit don’t seem to have any appreciation at all about it. I got a lecture the other night from someone who found out that I knit. She cautioned me about sitting on my butt, and staring out the window like her mom did when she retired. I rarely get to sit on my butt and when I do I find knitting incredibly restorative and creative at the same time. So, welcome. If you get odd looks when your friends find out you knit come here and relax.

Welcome to another Florida knitter! YOu wouldn’t happen to be in the panhandle would you? :slight_smile: Most of our Florida knitters seem to be in Central or Southern Florida. So few of us Panhandlearians.

Hi! Isn’t it great having somewhere to feel free to talk about knitting without being looked at like you’re nuts?
Anyways, I have knit one of the fast finish throws (i responded to your 1st post) and I am thinking about knitting another one for another gift. I find Deco looks incredible with Boston Rose and Olive. I haven’t actually seen the colours in real life, only online, but I still think they’ll be very complimentary. The throw I knit was out of Shetland Chunky in yellow, dark green and light green. There were so many colours, but those ones looked really good together. When you’re in the store gather together colours and look at them together, then look at other ones and mix and match. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what actually looks good when you’re faced with a wall of colours. There was a picture of the Fast Finish throw on the Lion Brand site in cream, fawn and candy apple. I really liked the way they looked online, but once they were together in the store, they just looked like a mess. Let us know what you decide on!

dip’s Mom…Thank you for such a warm welcome. Yea, I have already gotten a few of those lectures myself. People seem to think I am a bit too young to knit. But, I enjoy the stillness of it. You can sit in a room in complete silence or be surrounded by the noise of a tv or family and friends and know that you are creating something pure. Rather it turns out good or not, it is still something you managed to finish with your own two hands. To me it is peacefully. And, I am just thrilled to now a place that I can talk with others who share in my love of knitting. And, so what if we sit to knit, atleast we are making something productive, something useful, rather it is for our own purpose or as a gift.

Knitncook… Unfortunately, I am not close to the Panhandle. I am an Northeastern Florida gal. :wink: It is hard to find someone close here. But, I am glad I came across this wonderful site. It is nice to meet fellow knitters from everywhere! Thanks for the welcome.

knitgal…Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. I have not seen Boston Rose or Olive yet, but they sound like they would really go well with Deco. I started yesterday on the throw, and let me just say, that I got a few rows in and quickly noticed that it was not going to turn out like I had hoped. I should have realized it in the store when I bought the yarn. I kept telling my sister that the colors just don’t seem like they would match well. Not only that, I also noticed that the russet yarn was very tight and stiff, almost like it had been over dyed. So, I scratched the idea of making it in those colors. I was all set to take the yarn back for an exchange, and just at the last minute, I tried holding the 2 creams together with the 2 decos, and it actually turned out pretty well. The throw I am working on is for my nephew, so the colors are good for him. He really likes those colors. So, I think I will do that. Afterwards, I have 3 more nephews and a niece to knit one for. I think maybe the boston rose, olive, and deco would be good for her, what do u think? I have a hard time picking out colors that match well together. They all seem to blend in and can be a bit confusing. But, I will try to do so the next time I am in the store. Do you by chance have any other yarn suggestions, other than homespun for making these fast finish throws? I really do enjoy your feedback. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

I think knitting is a wonderful way to remember and honor your grandmother. Do you have any of the things she made? I am very sad that I can’t find the crocheted triangular shawl my sister gave me many years ago. She died at the age of 32, in 1984.

Welcome Knitter78! I just wanted to say “I CARE!” I like reading about other knitters. Yours is a beautiful story. My grandmother knits and is still with us, and I haven’t discussed my new hobby with her yet. I think I should go visit her and maybe see what nice patterns she has. I remember when I was a tiny girl, she knitted each of her grandchildren a Pink Panther. I appreciate that so much more now. I think I should thank her again!

Enjoy the forum, and remember to post pictures when you’ve completed something, because I’m too curious for my own good.

I just got an e-mail from knitting forum saying you haven’theard from me in a while. That’s true. But reading all the friendly notes above, I just had to reply! I can’t give a lot ofadvice, because I’m not really experienced, however, I did just finish a beautiful cardigan, with a cable pattern on the front, and I’ll try to send a picture. I’m not sure how to do that. I have been inspired by mytwo sisters, and my mother-in-law’s fabulous knitting. My mother-law-Ingrid knitted all sorts of beautiful sweaters for my 2 girls and 1 boy when they were little. I have saved all of them. One was a white pullover sweater with giant torquoise spots on it , with a hot pink frill around the waist. Really stunning on a little girl.

I used to think that knitting was boring and only done by Grannies trying to pass the time. Now I think it’s very creative and practical. I love knitting in the car on a long drive. It makes me feel that the time isn’t wasted. Thanks for listining!!!

Mrs. Davis…I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Yes, knitting is a wonderful way to remember. Fortunately, I do have a few items that she knitted. I have one baby sweater, booties, and hat in green, and then another in yellow. I also have a hat and mittens she knitted for her daughter when she was younger, whom has since passed away too. My Aunt (her other daughter) just recently gave me a blanket they crocheted many years ago. It was her first and only crochet project, as she discovered she liked knitting better. I used to sleep with that blanket as a little girl and I was thrilled when she gave it to me. I believe I have a couple other things too. I keep them very close to my heart, under lock and key…ha! They are very dear to me and I can never get them back. Not too long ago, I lost some pictures of her and the family. I have searched everywhere, but have yet to find them. So, I do know how you feel. Maybe one they will turn up along with your beloved prayer shawl. (well not together, but you know what I mean) :slight_smile:

Prazzie… Thanks for caring. I too love reading other people’s story. It is neat to hear what or who inspired them to knit, crochet, or anything in general. If there is one thing I wish I could do today, it would be to sit down with my Grandma and knit together. She would have enjoyed teaching me new stitches, techniques, or just sharing a few laughs along the way. I know your Grandma will be just as thrilled to hear of your new hobby. Yes, please do thank her as much as you can. If I had appreciated the art of knitting before my Grandma died, I would have shown my gratefulness as much as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully understand and do so until after. But, I thank her now in every stitch that I create! Keep on knitting!!

Tish…Wow! I love hearing stories like that. See, to me gifts like that will be cherished forever. You can always give a toy, money, and other things. But a good sweater, throw, afghan, etc that was knitted by a loved ones very own 2 hands, is a one of a kind. There is so much love that goes into it, simply because of the patience and time it takes to complete a project. I too, once thought that knitting was boring and for grannies. But, I think I thought that way mainly because those around me did. Especially when I was a teen, geez you couldn’t have told me then that years later I would love knitting…ha! But, it is creative and truly productive. And, a great way to just relax and give to those around you.

To all: I will have to try and get some photographs of some of my Grandma’s things she knitted. Also, I will take a pic of the prayer shawl I knitted my Mom last Christmas. I too am inexperienced, and this forum to me is such a wonderful way to learn and just be a part of such a great craft. It is a pleasure to meet you all and I do look forward to getting to know you all better. And Tish… I would love to see that pic! :slight_smile: