Another question from the dumb blonde


OK, i’m a new knitter. and i’m busy making scarfs <g>…mostly knitting, purling and combinations of the two. have not yet tried adding or decreasing stitches, or anything more complicated than a stockinette stitch. Just so you know where i’m at!

what’s the next “leve” of project? what will be fun, and not too overwhelming? i bought a book on making dish clothes…i thought this would be a great way to learn some things, in a “confined” area LOL! am i on the right track?

of course, like weight watchers, where i want to wake up and be 70 lbs lighter in one day, i wanna knit sweaters and be able to have the skills to do it NOW <g>


I think you’re definitely on the right track. For myself, one of my first projects was the booga bag because that’s what the group I was in was doing next. I learned knitting in the round, picking up stitches and i-cord.

What I’ve done is read and listened to other knitters and seen what they’re excited about, and determined to learn a bit of whatever catches my interest.

At first I assumed socks would be WAY out of my league, so I moved into some bags, a cool bookmark thing, cell phone case, etc. Then I wanted to learn cables, so I did a cable scarf. Finally, all the talk about socks got to me, and I just finished my first pair last month. Then I tried entrelac and an on my way to finishing my first entrelac scarf.

I hope one day to do a sweater, and am sort of looking at patterns now, but that’s a little scary to me. But I’ll get it one day!

And a friend just encouraged me to do some dishcloths, so with that and the fun discussions here on KH, once I finish my scarf and a bag I’m working on, I’m heading to my stash to make a few cool dishclothes.

so, yeah, you’re on the right track…just keep looking for things that interest you and do them…you’ll learn more and more with each project!

Happy knitting!

For me it was socks using Silver’s Sock Class. I learned a great deal from that.

Dishcloths sound like a good project. They’re small enough that you can finish them relatively quickly and get a sense of satisfaction that way. Besides, they’re quite handy to boot.

You could also try a simple hat next. It would add knitting in the round and decreasing to your knowledge list.

I’d say do what ever interests you. I went from scarves to a hat to the easy poncho here on KH to more hats then pants and a hoodie…If you like the project go for it. I learned as I went. Socks now and lace soon.

Also–not a dumb question. You just learn as you go and this is a great site for advice and direction. :wink: Have fun!

I think the hat idea is a good one. You can knit it in the round or on DPN’s - both nice to learn. But socks are NOT as hard as you might think. Give it a try. Also - a nice short sleeved summer sweater would not be out of the question…

I guess I’m just saying go for it! Find a pattern you love and you WILL figure it out!

thank you everyone! i’m going to try the dishclothes next, when i finish up the scarf (it’s a crystal palace yarn, eyelash in lime green…my daughter loves it!)


and laughed when i saw that I had been the one to ask it (being a well established blonde)

but why not knit stuffed felted balls
U will use either ML or DPN, Increases, Decreases, and its all forgiven if its not perfect at the end, becasue u FELT IT

sound like a plan?