Another question from the db (dumb blonde)


how does one control it?? i find myself as a new knittere, when i knit a stitch i’m then giving it a little tug to “tighten it up”…I imagine this is wrong, but…how does one control it? and is it just a matter of practice???

and, on that subject, i am finding cotton “less forgiving” to knit with than wool or some of the synthetics…less stretch/give, etc…


Even tension really is a matter of practice. Some people knit tighter than others- I think you just learn to adjust for your own personal tension.

You’re right, cotton is less stretchy than wool.

You can train yourself to not give the extra tug; it may take some concentration but can be done. When you knit the next st, it puts more tension on the one you’ve just knit so the tugging isn’t necessary. The sts aren’t supposed to be tight against the needle but able to glide along them.

Cotton has no elasticity and can be taxing for someone new to knitting. (It can be arduous even for those of us with decades of experience.) I’d recommend working with acrylic or wool…or blends…until you get a feel for how to adjust your tension. Tugging on each stitch is adding more effort to this than is necessary. Try a worsted weight on sz 9 or 10 ndls and once you get even sts, expand your efforts to smaller needles, lighter yarns.

As noted, practice is the key. Eventually you’ll find a rhythm.