Another question for Sun visor cap

Ugh, this pattern is ambiguous…Here are the instructions for the increase they want:

[B]Increases are made by knitting in the stitch below and then in the stitch on the needle[/B]

And now the instructions where I’m not sure:

[B]Work first increase row, as follows: Place markers 5 sts in from each end;[/B](no problem there)[B]work decrease and knit to marker; increase between markers - *inc, k2, repeat from * to end marker (knitting any extra sts)…[/B]

Okay, now since the increase says to k in st below and then in st on needle, is it k2 IN ADDITION to the st on needle (so 4 sts when the repeat is done)? I think it is, but I started doubting myself.

that is how I’m reading it… the inc which would give you 2 sts…then knit 2sts…:think:

Well, since we’re 2 who think that’s it, I’ll go ahead and do it that way. If it doesn’t work, well…it’s not going to be the end of the world to start over, since that’s right after I picked up sts LOL