Another Question/Converting from flat to in the round

Are there are places online or a book that I could read to get me started on this. I would like to make some of the things in the Barefoot knits book but I want to do them in the round.

:aww: The other thing I need a little help with is to use the width of a smaller size with the length of a larger one. For instance my daughter would wear the width of a 2/4 and the length of the 6/8.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.

The only real difference between knitting in the round as opposed to flat is that in the round you’re always knitting the RS.

Just reverse the directions for the WS (knits are purls and purls are knits).

You might also want to drop 2-4 stitches from the total cast on number since you won’t have any seams. Consider, also, the stitch pattern count if there is one. I like to place markers where the side seams would be.

As for length, assuming we’re talking about a sweater and it says for the 2/4 size to knit in pattern for 10 inches then start armhole decreases, but you want it 2" longer, just knit for another 2 inches before you start the armhole decreases. At that point, you’ll switch back to kniting flat and do the front first, then the back.

Will the type of decreases change if knitting in the round. The other things are what I had in my head, glad I was right.

With the length how do I handle it if there is shaping?

No you do the same kind of decreases. If it says to dec at the beginning and end of a row, you’ll have a marker for the beginning of the round anyway, and put another halfway around.

The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee may help in understanding construction, shaping, measuring, and math calculations for knitting in the round. I found it at my local library and liked it so well I bought my own copy. I’ve used it to make several sweaters in the round using my own pick of stitch pattern and neck shaping and sleeve style.